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Watch Hexima CEO, Mr Michael Aldridge, and Hexima’s Commercial Consultant, Mr Phil Rose, discuss how Hexima is taking a consumer-centric view on product development to create a treatment that adequately meets the needs of patients.

Hexima’s Consumer-Centric webinar describes important consumer-oriented aspects of the proposed commercial packaging for pezadeftide, its proprietary product in development to treat onychomycosis. The commercial package is intended to enhance the experience of patients using pezadeftide to treat their onychomycosis. In the webinar, the Company also introduced the design of a mobile application Hexima intends to implement as a companion application to facilitate patients connecting with their doctor, monitoring treatment progress, up-loading photographs, and refilling prescriptions.

Hexima CEO Michael Aldridge commented, “This is a very consumer driven market and thus a critical aspect of the success of pezadeftide will be our ability to deliver not only a safe and effective medication, but also a complete product solution which optimises the patient experience. Two aspects of consumer attractiveness are built in with our product. First, pezadeftide appears to work very rapidly delivering a patient-friendly and convenient short course of therapy. Secondly, it also provides gratifying feed-back to the patient that the medication is working and encourages compliance. Those features are unique to pezadeftide. Hexima also wishes to deliver packaging and a companion mobile application which supports a ‘patient-centric’ complete product solution.”

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