KOL Interviews

KOL interviews 

Hexima recently took the opportunity to speak with certain of its Scientific Advisory Board members about Onychomycosis: the disease, its treatment and the potential for a new therapy like pezadeftide. We captured videos of these interactions which you can view below.

Use the below grid to view the full interviews or jump straight to answers for questions of interest.

Dr Robert Rosen

Dr Tracey C. Vlahovic

Dr Warren Joseph

Full interviews

Q. What is onychomycosis, how does it occur and do genetics play a role in the likelihood of developing this infection?

Q. How does this disease impact quality of life?

Q. How infectious is onychomycosis? Does it spread to other parts of the body, from person to person?

Q. What are the biggest challenges in treating this infection?

Q. What treatment options can patients and physicians currently access to manage onychomycosis?

Q. What are the main benefits and short comings of existing treatments?

Q. What are the key factors that influence your choice of available treatment options?

Q. Do you think a product that improves the appearance of the nail faster would lead to increased compliance and reduce therapy abandonment?

Q. If you had access a to a safe, topical onychomycosis treatment with half the time of the usual course of treatments,  and efficacy approaching that of the orals Рwould this product change your standard treatment paradigm?