Dear Shareholder,

I am writing to you to provide an update on Hexima’s development program.

Hexima’s lead product (HXP124) is a topical treatment for nail fungus (onychomycosis). HXP124 is an easy to apply solution that is simply painted onto nails, not requiring any other treatment, that rapidly clears fungus from the nail bed.

Hexima’s clinical trial results to date indicate that HXP124 is safe and well tolerated and has an industry-leading rate of improvement of infected nails: eliminating the fungal infection in >50% of nails after only 6 weeks of daily treatment (twice as effective as the next best product in that time frame).

Hexima is now conducting an Australian Phase IIb clinical trial for HXP124 at a planned nine sites in Australia and NZ. This trial will assess the activity of HXP124 after longer dosing and follow-up to allow time for the infected nail to grow out and resolve the infection.  Hexima is pleased to report that this trial was recently given Australian ethics approval to proceed and we have begun screening for eligible patients.

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