Hexima is developing a range of plant-derived protein and peptide technologies. These include the Plant Defensin platform of antifungal peptides as well as enzymes that efficiently ligate the ends of proteins and peptides to produce tagged or cyclised products. Hexima also has an extensive library of natural plant and bacterial extracts that can be screened for novel bioactive molecules.

Antifungal plant defensins

Hexima has identified several plant peptides with potent antifungal activity against a broad range of human and plant fungal pathogens.

Peptide Ligation Technology

Hexima is developing enzymes which are next generation, best-in-class tools for biotechnology that function as both molecular scissors and glue for multiple protein engineering applications.

Natural Products Library

Hexima has an extensive library of Australian native plant material and extracts as well as facilities for high-throughput screening for bioactive molecules.