Native Plant Extract Library

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Hexima has an extensive library of Australian native plant material and extracts as well as facilities for high-throughput screening for bioactive molecules. Hexima is open to collaborative and fee-for-service arrangements for access to this library.

Field Trial Management

Hexima has extensive experience in management of genetically modified (GM) plant field trials, dating back to 2003. At that time, Hexima was one of the very few Australian‐owned companies running GM field trials and over the years the company has gained valuable knowledge of the systems and processes involved with running GM trials in Australia. With expertise in regulatory and compliance of over 40 field trials of GM cotton and GM canola in Australia, we understand the complexities of the various DIR licence conditions imposed by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR).

During the past 10 years, Hexima has established a strong working relationship with the OGTR. We have successfully worked together with the regulator’s team on licence conditions and applications. This positive relationship with the office of the Regulator has been advantageous for both Hexima and also the OGTR.


Hexima’s field trial staff pride themselves on being professional at all times and have an attention to detail required for successfully completing regulated field trial work. This care encompasses all aspects of managing and running field trials, including compliance with regulatory agencies, both during the trial period and post‐harvest, data collection, data analysis, shipping/storage of samples, training and trial specific documentation.

Hexima’s field trial program is managed by Dr Yolanda Gaspar.

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